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I already see a few Google+ invites on my facebook. The hoopla and hurrah is only going to build up in the coming days, and for sure Google will provide proven and very user friendly social networking in Google+.

Don’t see what others are criticizing. And just see another great social networking site which changes your interface , as well as, your usage with your friends’ privacy network. Google+ provides advanced interfaces, which lets you work on it easily and effectively. When you log in to Google+ you can choose your friends’ circles to connect to them.

Sparks, Circles (categories) which you create and then put your selected friends in only. So when you want to share or connect with only few of your friends, you can do that. Same you can proceed with other categories created by user friends, family, work etc. And this is the best part of Google+. There is an option for live video chatting and huddle. So, now you can video chat with your “close friends circle”, and talk with them live and loose.

Google+ is available with android on phones at present and will be coming soon in App store. With this I suppose we have entered a new era of social networking. And again this is exactly what we expected from Google.

“If not sure how it works, try it out with ease. And don’t think that this one is just another social networking site. It’s Google+ and for sure it will be famous in no time, so try it out for sure and enjoy the social networking.

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